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Infant/Child Supplement
With the MEDIC FIRST AID® Infant/Child Supplement, currently trained adult CPR and first aid providers can learn lifesaving skills that will prepare them to care for patients eight years old and younger. Responding to an ill or injured infant or child can be especially difficult and stressful. The Infant/Child Supplement teaches students to remain calm, confident, and in control of the situation. This often positively effects the patientís response to the care provided.

This supplement is to be used in conjunction with adult CPR and first aid training programs including MEDIC FIRST AID Basic. It teaches infant and child emergency response skills to complement those already learned.*

The MEDIC FIRST AID® Infant/Child Supplement offers the same easy-learning, low-stress class environment you expect from all MEDIC FIRST AID® training programs. Excellent video presentations are supported by quality printed student materials and an easy-touse Facilitatorís Guide.

The MEDIC FIRST AID® Infant/Child Supplement covers:
  • Initial Assessment of Infants and Children
  • Emphasis on officer safety and hazards specific to corrections and law enforcement
  • Latest resuscitation guidelines
  • Flexible retraining and challenge options for completing the course
  • Allows customized training to meet your specific needs
  • Award-winning videos
MEDIC FIRST AID® Basic, for Corrections and Law Enforcement covers:
  • The Circles of Care Concept
  • Clearing a Foreign Body Airway Obstruction in Infants and Children
  • Rescue Breathing for Infants and Children
  • One-Rescuer CPR for Infants and Children
  • Special Needs of Infants and Children
  • Common Problems in Infants and Children